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Gaby Gnazzo, Panamá: The Musical


Played by Gaby Gnazzo

MELODY’S security obsessed mother in her late 30's. Member of the Lesseps socialite family whose first failed attempt in building the canal in the late 1890's resulted in a scandal that left her fending for herself on the streets of Panama at 16 years old. EDDIE MACHETE hired her, made her a star and feels LACY betrayed him by falling in love, getting pregnant and marrying Jacob DE LUNA.


Played by Randy Dominguez

Known as EDDIE MACHETE, because he wears one – a machete – on his waist like a modern day pirate. 48 year-old Columbian performer and owner of La Dama Pintada Cabaret Casino. He enjoys the perks of having a police captain as a cousin. A hedonistic, volatile snake of a man-but not without his charms.

Randy Dominguez, Panamá: The Musical
Alexandra Córdoba, Panamá: The Musical


Played by Alexandra Córdoba

LACY’S eldest daughter, a 17 year-old songwriter born and raised in the Panama Canal Zone - has dreams of singing to the whole world on the new invention called RADIO with her first true love, a Panamanian musician TITO. They have shared the same music teacher for years. Her blond hair sets her apart in a Panamanian crowd.



Played by Julio Alejandro Barsallo

A rakishly handsome, high energy 20 year-old Panamanian musician with a crooners voice, dancer's body and disarming smile. He is madly in love with MELODY.

Julio Barsallo, Panamá: The Musical
Yael Danon, Panamá: The Musical



Played by Yael Danon

Youngest daughter. A sharp, 13 year-old spitfire who is excited about the suffragette women's liberation movement. She idolizes her sister MELODY



Played by Emely Myles

Yavida works at La Dama Pintada Cabaret Casino as a singer and make-up stylist. She moonlights as a Santeria Priestess telling fortunes in the market.

Emely Myles, Panamá: The Musical

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Panamá: The Musical – CAST

Alexandra Córdoba - Melody

Gaby Gnazzo - Mama

Yael Danon - Harmony

Julio Barsallo - Tito

Juan Caballero - Radio Cassanova


Panamá: The Musical


Randy Dominguez - Eddie Machete

Leonte Bordanea - Detective Lorenzo Victoriano

Emely Mules - Yavida

Henry Twohy - RCA Bossman

Rachel de Karen Gurardia - Swing roles

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